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TWD Three Questions
How many walkers have you killed?
How many people have you killed?

TWD CARYL Three Questions
When did you start shipping CARYL?
What scene made you start shipping CARYL?

My shipping of Caryl sort of came in stages.

I was aware that there was sort of a thing with them with the fans when I first started watching but I was busy trying to sort out all the stuff that was going on in the story and not paying a lot of attention to them at first.

I think I became a Carol fan before Daryl. The first few episodes and all the stuff with Ed piqued my interest and I think I vaguely took note of the scene where Daryl hands her the pick axe.

The first time I realized that I had become intensely obsessed with them was after the season 4 premiere. All the flirting just killed me. But clearly it had been marinating beneath the surface before that because they were what I was looking forward to when it returned. I just didn’t yet have a clear memory of all the little details that led up to that point.

I did however have this desire to go back and find the scene from season 3 where Daryl leaves and Rick tells Carol. That one stuck in my brain for sure, even if I was unaware of what was happening when I first watched it.

By the end of season 4 I was a hardcore junky and had to go back and rewatch the whole show. This time paying rapt attention to ALL the little details (collecting screen caps, watching vids, etc.)

The why is sort of simple sort of complicated. Basically I’m a career shipper. But specifically for couples who kind of take you by surprise. Who you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be good together but who are really there for each other. And for characters who hurt and are vulnerable but who use that hurt to build strength. Most of the time, though, those characters push each other away. The fact that these two just pulled tighter and tighter without even trying to define anything - they just liked to be together. Eeeep! Catnip for shippers. Or this one at least.

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